Learning about Metastones

with Professor Franklin

What are Metastones?

Here we have a gorgeous, young, and recently single Naked Meta who has kindly offered to be our learning model for the day.












The Metastone is located directly in the middle of the chest and is much more than just some shiny rock. The Metastone is in fact the brain of a Naked Meta containing all their knowledge, cosmic energy, genetic DNA, skills, and their overall IQ rating. We humans are still only scratching the surface and through more scientific analysis in the future, we will understand the true extent to the Metastone's power.

Cosmic energy you say?


well in a recent discovery we have found that each Metastone's energy source gifts the being with special power-like abilities which range from extremely dangerous "Like world-ending shit. too really quite pathetic! Our Naked Meta here will now show off what this looks like.

Completely harmless and nothing to fear here! Lucky for us the Naked Metas are a peaceful and naive species who love to explore the metaverse. 

Does the color of the Metastone mean anything special?

Well in fact the color of the metastone doesn't relate to the powers of the Naked Meta. Those abilities are random from birth regardless of the Metastone's color. The Metastone colors are an indication of their behavioral & personality traits. After studying different Naked Metas over a long period of time, we now have a better understanding to show you what this looks like.


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