Our Charity Mission


Being a Naked Meta means you love to explore at every chance you get.

Our planet Earth needs to be conserved and protected so the Naked Metas can experience all the natural beauty C-137 has to offer. Right now Climate change, extinction, and pandemics are staring us in the face now more than ever. Our goal is to donate $150,000 of the Naked Metas launch funds to support Re:wild, a movement to build a world in balance with the wild. A group that acts to conserve the planet’s most threatened areas and species. Let’s get behind this team and Leonardo DiCaprio showing them what a united NFT community has to offer. In our discord server, we have a channel dedicated to Climate change, and the wild it's open for anyone to post updates in and get involved! 

The team behind Naked Metas - You could say we are a crazy bunch that loves spending all their money on projects, businesses, and side hustles. Networking and learning throughout the many years of experience. The team started their creative journey trying to build apps at a young age and from there went on to become board game creators, started up a clothing line (Good news for a Naked Metas Merch line), and became hooked on cryptocurrencies. A common discussion of ours was about the possibilities for what the Metaverse could offer…but instead of just talking about it, we got in touch with our alien friends for some inspiration and created the Naked Metas. A species of non-binary, naked with powers, chubby but still cute metamorph beings. We know it’s a little out there and unique compared to the standard NFTs on today's market, but these little things are made to tackle the evolving Metaverse head-on. We welcome you all to jump on our Discord and get involved with our community.

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Public Minting

10th Dec 2021

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Until Launch!


Meta Stone Types


Unique  Traits 

ETH 0.07

Public Mint Price


Possible combinations

Cap'n Sealegs


Pigeon Milk

Lead NFT Artist



Chief Engineer 


Blockchain Development 



50% Minted

65% Minted

85% Minted

95% Minted

15% Minted 

10 Naked Metas will be randomly given away to NFT owners as a thank you to our early supporters.

30% Minted 

1 / 1 Ultra Rare Naked Meta will be randomly given away to an NFT owner.

$150,000 of funds will be donated to Re:wild a dedicated team with founding board member Leonardo DiCaprio are on a serious mission to help protect and restore our planet’s most vital ecosystems, save and recover imperiled wildlife. Let's show them our support! 

5 Naked Metas will be randomly given away to NFT owners.

4 ETH Giveaway randomly distributed just in case our owners missed the chance to grab another Naked Meta, here’s the next best thing.

The Naked Metas New York Times Square billboard ad - Yes let's tick this one off the list. 3 Rare Naked Meta will be given away through a competition open to the public linked to the billboard ad (More details on this will be in our Discord).

100% Minted!

Now here is where things get interesting. Our goal for the Naked Metas is long-term and as the NFT community continues to grow we believe the best way to build and grow the Naked Metas is with your help and ideas. In our Discord server, we have a channel dedicated to future project ideas and input. Let's work on the post-launch roadmap together!

So what will definitely be happening at 100%?

  • The Naked Metas project will be listed on Rarity. tools 

  • A wallet will be made upon collection launch to stabilize the market floor price early on. We will have a buyback in place for 1-2 months at the mint price on Opensea to help ensure the floor stays high. 


So what other ideas are in the air? 

  • Naked Metas First airdrop for owners.

  • A Naked Metas mini animated movie series - Featuring a deeper look into their past and present stories. (very keen)

  • A Merch line exclusive to Naked Meta Owners.

  • Creating a collection of Naked Meta Avatars for the Metaverse. (in the works...)


These ideas will be posted in our discord for your feedback and we are open to hearing your creative thoughts!


All giveaways & whitelist competitions will be on our Discord server so come join our community of Metas.

(Win the chance to receive a FREE Naked Meta and other NFTs that will be distributed during the public mint).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Naked Meta

NFT cost to mint?

The Public Mint price is 0.07 ETH + gas fee.  

When is the public minting date?

Our public sale starts on December 10th, 2021 at 5:30pm EST.

Is there a whitelist sale?

 1 day prior to the Public Sale on December 9th, 2021 at 4pm EST  there will be a Whitelist members sale. This will run for a full 24 hours finishing at 4pm December 10th to make it easy for gas prices and allowing plenty of time.

Please join our Discord to learn how you can join the Whitelist. Spots in the Whitelist are limited so get in Quick!

Where can I view my Naked Metas?

Once you have finished minting a Naked Meta, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea. Please connect your wallet to OpenSea prior to minting. 

How do I mint a Naked Meta?

This is what you’ll need, to be able to connect your wallet and mint an NFT. 

  • Create an account with Binance (exchange) and on Metamask (wallet).

  • Buy ETH on Binance and send the ETH to your Metamask ETH address.

  • Once Metamask has received the ETH you can connect your Metamask wallet to Opensea to set up a profile for the NFT marketplace.

  • Also, you can now connect your wallet to our website ready to mint on the Naked Metas launch date.

If you are still having trouble: use Google search, Youtube is always a massive help, or reach out in our Discord Server!

I have a different question, where can I reach the support team? 

The easiest and fastest way would be to open a support ticket in our Discord Channel or ask it to everyone in our MetaHub general chat.